Doogee brand out with the Doogee Vienna earphones

Most top smartphone makers start with manufacturing smart device, then grow to producing accessories for those devices so that customers need not look to third parties for them. Meizu started the practice of Chinese manufacturers producing headphones, then Xiaomi entered with its Piston earphones. Doogee has produced its share of smartphones and continue to do so, but the company also wants to venture into accessories, and has done so with the Vienna earphones.

The Doogee Vienna earphone is made of anodized black metal, with red highlights and come with three different ear cup sizes for a more personal fit. Pricing is around $12 through reseller sites, which is about the same as Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus earbuds, so not exactly easy competition.

To find out more about the Doogee Vienna earphones, you can visit Doogee’s website in the source link below.

Doogee Vienna ear cups Doogee Vienna earphones Doogee Vienna earphones packaging

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