UMi DIVOIX DV100 enhanced bass earphones released on Amazon

umi divoix dv100 earphone

UMi have added a new in ear headphone to their audio line-up, the new UMi DIVOIX DV100 was announced this morning and is already available to buy on Amazon across Europe.

We have had various success with UMi audio product in the past. Their original Voix earphones were OK, but their Voix Blu weren’t the greatest audio product to ever grace our desks, perhaps now we are finally on to something truly great?

This morning while the rest of the Chinese tech industry announces their sales figures and discounts for Singles Day, UMi have quietly announced their UMi DIVOIX DV100 earphones on their community forums. I only happened across the news while checking details for my UMi eMax Mini review.

UMi say that the DIVOIX DV100 are enhanced in ear earphones with deep bass, and have already set up sales channels across Europe through Amazon. The design of the DV100 is simple and elegant and they are made of CNC machined alloy.

The noise isolating ear buds have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack and a simple remote that is compatible with Android and iOS device. They appear to ship in the same metal tin as the original Voix with a 12 month warrant at £12.99 on the UK Amazon store and 14.99 Euros in Europe.

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