Elephone want your feedback on their new concept phone

elephone concept

Elephone are working on a new concept smartphone with an odd screen size and leather patches on the rear, and they want your input.

Seeing a new Elephone smartphone is hardly a rare event, but this new concept phone is a little different for a few reasons. The currently unamed phone (it’s not called the QQ as some sources suggest), will feature a unique pattern on the rear and two colourful leather patches. In the photos those patches are orange, but Elephone want to know which colours you would prefer to see and also if readers have any suggestions for the name.

At this point this is only a concept phone and Elephone have only decided on a 5.3-inch display for the final specs. 5.3-inch is quite an odd size, and generally we see either 5-inch, 5.2-inch or 5.5-inch phones.

So what do you think of this latest concept from Elephone? What about the screen size, and what would you name it? Any other ideas about the hardware?

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