This Week On GizChina: A LOT of Xiaomi and a little tablet

Another eventful week comes to an end (for most of us), and yet again Xiaomi manage to keep engagement levels high among people that have no direct access to their products.

The Redmi Note 3 finally launched after months of leaking; we got hold of the Mi Band Pulse 1s (and there was more Xiaomi stuff) which kept GizChina readers glued to their computers and smartphones.

Here are the top five posts from this week. Top five with regards to how many times they’ve been read on GizChina… which we assume translates to interest among readers.

This Week On GizChina — 11/27/2015, Black Friday!

1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Launched

This one probably needs no explanation. You should already be knowing about the Redmi Note 3; if not, let me just tell you that it’s the premature all-metal phone release from Xiaomi that everyone’s been (i) talking about and/or (ii) wanting to buy. (Bonus: Redmi Note 3 teardown)

2. Xiaomi Hybrid Earphones Review

Xiaomi kind of lost the plot after the first generation Xiaomi Piston Earphones. However, the new Hybrid buds from the Chinese maker seem to have won Andi’s heart!

Gizchina News of the week

3. Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse 1s Impressions

After a bit of a lull, Xiaomi is back with another wearable in the form of the Mi Band Pulse 1s… ‘pulse’ for heart rate sensor. Keep reading as we go hands on with this new yet tiny wearable!

4. Teclast X16 Power: A Wannabe Desktop Tablet PC

After quite a while, GizChina is abuzz with some tablet news (hint: it’s NOT the Mi Pad 2!), and the new Teclast X16 Power definitely has a role to play in it.

5. Xiaomi Feels The Mi 5 Is Worth Waiting For

Yet another Xiaomi bit that kept GizChina readers busy in the past week. The Mi 5 has been long overdue (it’s funny that they Redmi 3 came within 6 months of the Redmi 2, whereas there’s no sign of the Mi 5 even more than a year after the Mi 4 launch!), but Xiaomi bosses feel its a wait that’s going to be worthy of your patience.

What Did You Get Yourself This Black Friday?

It’s been quite a mad Black Friday, with stores reporting sellouts all across the world. We’re aware GizChina readers are a smart bunch and will go for only the best of the deals available… so what did you get yourself this Black Friday? Let the community know in the comments section below!

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  1. Mario Pruteanu
    November 27, 2015

    I got nothing in Ireland, black friday here is like any other friday but it actually puts you in a worse mood as we aren’t in America, so we don’t get to buy 18890200488inch TVs for 100 bucks.

  2. Konstantin Cherednichenko
    November 28, 2015

    I got Onda v975m just only for $100 + shipping… I think that is better choose for my needs…