What will Xiaomi launch on December 15? Speculate with us!

The fact that you’re here on GizChina, and that you’re reading this article is enough evidence for me to tell you know about Xiaomi phones (and probably fancy a model or two). However, not everyone knows that Xiaomi have a really wide variety of products apart from phones.

This includes air purifiers, luggage, scooters, routers, and whatnot. Xiaomi has a launch event scheduled for the 15th of December, but there isn’t enough info available yet for us to point at what exactly will launch that day.

s_18d14d2658914b7594ece0d23ad09f41However, word is that it could be an intelligent vacuum cleaner… i.e., the smart bots that clean your house while you’re away.

Xiaomi has shown interest in smart home products (Yeelight, Mi Router, etc.), so it could be that the 15th December event will eventually see the first Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner.

Do you think it would make sense for Xiaomi to launch something like that? Even if that does happen, it’ll most certainly be restricted to the Chinese market like quite a few other devices from the company.

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