UMI Super will fit in 4000 mAh battery in its metal body

Another piece of the UMI Super specs puzzle has just arrived and with every new bit of information the phone is looking more and more interesting. Still only theoretically on paper, but even that is something so maybe it’s really a model to look forward to.

Today’s reveal is centered on the battery capacity and the UMI Super apparently wants to provide some decent energy supply. The phone will be packing 4000 mAh with fast charge support, which is considered above average in the current generation of flagship phones. The ultra fast charge promises 2 hours of voice calls after just 5 minutes of charging or a light day’s usage after 30 minutes of charging. Bold claim.

Anyway with the previous spec reveals like the Super AMOLED display, dual camera setup, 6 GB RAM, USB Type-C audio connector  and sub-300$ price it’s really starting to take shape. But still one of the most important details is shrouded in mystery, what kind of a processor is UMI Super going to offer ? Could be the decisive factor for many.


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