Blackview BV6000 shows another stress test video

Upcoming outdoor model Blackview BV6000 got already quite some attention in our articles and you surely remember some of the crazy stress tests videos we posted with the poor phone. Yes we are talking about the insane metal balls being dropped on it video 🙂

We have also seen the real pictures of the phone showing the the water resistant design thanks to the IP68 certification and we know that the Blackview BV6000 should be available already during May with a sub 200$ price.

But the company is still supplying the public with more videos with testers subjecting the Blackview BV6000 to various torture scenarios. And i have to say that today’s video is exactly to my liking, beacuse no, this time its not any beautiful fragile lady carefully dropping the phone from less than one meter height.

Today it’s quite the opposite, dedicated chinese guy is trying to smash it with force against the ground, against the wall and in the end throwing the phone as far as he could. And finally some realism in such videos, because we can see that the BV6000 display is cracked already from such abuse. So for good measure it gets used as a car retarder on the road in the end. Such videos can be fun after all.

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