Alleged OnePlus 3 sneak peek’d with physical home button, OxygenOS 3.0

Leaks and rumours about the OnePlus 3 started flowing thick and fast a few weeks back, and there seems to be no end to them for now.

The newest bit of news around the OnePlus 3 (‘2017 flagship killer?’) are some alleged pictures of the phone, giving a glimpse at the front and rear of the phone, along with some info about it’s storage, and general UI look.

One thing that you’ll notice right off the bat is that the phone features an OPPO R9-like fingerprint scanner on a physical home button. While it’s hard to see what’s on either side of the home button, we’re pretty sure they’ll be capacitive keys — although Meizu’s implementation of the home key (that doubles up as the back button) is pretty… kickass.

Also seen is the rear of the phone, which features HTC/iPhone-like antenna stripes above the camera module, something we haven’t seen on any other OnePlus phone. The black shade of the phone suggest OnePlus might be working on a matte black (non-sandstone?) finish for the phone.

As for the specs, the OnePlus 3 is set to feature the Snapdragon 820 and 4-6GB of RAM.

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