UMI Super reveals SHARP display with the Sunlight technology

Daily dose of the UMI Super reveals is here so rejoice, today they graciously revealed some details about their Super AMOLED display with just 0.001mm thin touch layer they plan to use in the upcoming flagship phone.

The news are centered on the use of the SHARP manufactured screen, which should offer up to 17 % better color saturations than the comparable displays on the market from other producers. Same SHARP displays were already used in some Xiaomi and Meizu models so should be quite enough of credibility in that. And hopefully its uhm going to sharper than sharp, pun intended 🙂

Another interesting piece is the presence of the Sunlight technology, which should improve majorly the legibility in direct sunlight and also allow viewing the screen in NTSC gamut so in other words full color range, because the usual sRGB range (gamut) covers only about 72% of the NTSC range. All the colors which the human eye is able to register should be here then so the diplay should be theoretically more brighter and vivid.

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