OnePlus 3 stops by at the FCC, writing’s on the wall now…

The newest brick in the OnePlus 3 wall is about the phone giving the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) a quick visit.

The phone has previously been spotted at a few different regulatory bodies, including of course, China’s TENAA. While it’s extremely convenient for fans and prospective buyers to know what’s going to be launched, it definitely must be a tad bit frustrating to a company like OnePlus… or any other, for that matter.

Empathy aside, the OnePlus 3 seems all set to launch in the first half of next month. Word is that the launch will happen on the 14th of June, but OnePlus is yet to issue an official statement about that.

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Gizchina News of the week

That said, the young phone maker is set to continue its VR abode with their flagship for this year, that first started with the OnePlus 2 last year. Get more info about the VR launch here, and other OnePlus 3 news here!


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  1. Joel Adames
    May 30, 2016

    Well after having all these companies not delivering the superPhone we were waiting in 2016…

    I’m going to start ((day-dreaming)) my own cellphone company, and then i will move to china so that Andy and Yash and the others can display my device here once i have it.

    it will be featuring all of this:

    1. MTK X30 / QC SD 823
    2. Mali-T880 MP12 / Adreno 540
    3. 6gbRam ddr4 / ddr3
    4. 64 gbRom expandable via SD-Card to 200gb
    5. RGB led notification on top border or T3 like mini screen for muliple uses
    6. smart Key for camera/calculator/calendar etc…
    7. Type C-usb cable 3rd generation bla bla bla protocols
    8. 4600mha battery with Pu.Ex fast charge, full charge at 2 hours REMOVE-*ABLE*
    9. Off screen backlit and On screen Android buttons, you choose.
    10. Side mounted Fingerprint reader with multifunction.
    11. QHD (2K) AMOLED 5.7” screen (FLAT) C.G.G.4 protection
    12. Dual front simetric speakers SIDED at an angle
    13. Dual Mics for noise cancelling and/or stereo recording
    14. Dedicated audio chip for perfect audio enjoyment on earphones or loud speaker
    15. 3.5 dedicated audio jack…((( you know why this is in the list.)))
    16. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and RADIO
    17. Usual sensors, giro and temperature too.
    18. Android 6.xx as vanilla as posible but with off screen gestures and those stuff
    19. OV 24mpx 1.8ap OIS PdAf dual led-flash main camera
    20. OV 8mpx 1.8ap ois af front camera
    21. body blend design between LG V10 and DooGee T3 with removeABLE back for different options

    What do you think guys???

    i’m gettin near to doing it. Hahaha

    • sannicks
      May 30, 2016

      Goodluck mate!

    • willysson
      May 31, 2016


      #8 Wireless charging.
      (#12 fyi “symmetric”)
      #14 hope that audio chip has built-in mini-amp
      #16 GPS, a-GPS, & Glonass (at a minimum, BDS too, would be okay)
      #20 front camera flash

      AND the one little feature I think EVERY phone should have: at least IP56 “weather” protection.

      • Joel Adames
        May 31, 2016

        thanks for the correction,,,
        8.Wireless charge got out for interchangeable battery and NFC
        14. yup.
        16. yup.
        20. yup. although the design migth look weird…

    • balcobomber25
      May 31, 2016

      I think you are looking at a $800+ phone with all that.

      Closest you might come is the new Galaxy Note 6 or Huawei Mate 9.

      • Joel Adames
        June 5, 2016

        Hopefully they both do plus the Gionee one too, then we get options on the ultra high performance group (yes I had to give the tier a name, hahaha)
        And even then if it is properly pulled off then I wouldn’t mind a $1K price.

  2. MaxPower
    May 30, 2016

    FCC = good chances to see US LTE bands

    • balcobomber25
      May 31, 2016

      OnePlus 2 had them including Band 12 for Tmobile so I would have been shocked if this one didn’t. But the bigger deal here is this could mean VoLTE for USA.

      • MaxPower
        May 31, 2016

        I’ve been using VoIP for probably 7 years already. I’m still using an European company (Betamax) as provider because of their competitive prices.

        US companies are overpriced (what a surprise!)

        Which company do you recommend for Volte?