OnePlus 3 stops by at the FCC, writing’s on the wall now…

The newest brick in the OnePlus 3 wall is about the phone giving the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) a quick visit.

The phone has previously been spotted at a few different regulatory bodies, including of course, China’s TENAA. While it’s extremely convenient for fans and prospective buyers to know what’s going to be launched, it definitely must be a tad bit frustrating to a company like OnePlus… or any other, for that matter.

Empathy aside, the OnePlus 3 seems all set to launch in the first half of next month. Word is that the launch will happen on the 14th of June, but OnePlus is yet to issue an official statement about that.

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That said, the young phone maker is set to continue its VR abode with their flagship for this year, that first started with the OnePlus 2 last year. Get more info about the VR launch here, and other OnePlus 3 news here!


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