Zeblaze Blitz smartwatch reveals more specs

Zeblaze Blitz smartwatch reveals more specs


Just few days ago we brought the first batch of the upcoming Zeblaze Blitz smartwatch specs and today we are going to expand the list with few more paremetres.

Good news for the heartrate monitor buffs, Blitz will be equipped with the original Samsung heartrate monitor sensor and should offer very precise performance. Static deviations should be +/- 3 BPM and dynamic +/- 5 BPM so with such setup it should be perfect for monitoring even the strenuous sport activities.

Thanks to the built-in GPS module it will be also more handy for the cooperation with the sport and fitness trackers and will help with better orientation and logging.

The smartwatch is going to support 2G/3G networks with the independent SIM slot so if you choose the option you don’t have to even worry with pairing it with your smartphone and use it as a standalone gadget. Another interesting tidbit is the Wi-Fi presence.

Zeblaze Blitz smartwatch should be coming to the market very soon and we will keep you informed about it, especially about the price tag info , which should surface surely in the next days already.

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  • CiroD

    Any info about support of the 850/1900 MHz 3G bands?

  • vijay sud

    Battery life..1 day or more ?

    • .


    • Marius Cirsta

      It depends on how you use it. With GPS on , 3g on stuff it probably will only last a couple of hours. This is a limitation given by the battery size that you can put in a watch.

  • Shofi’i Quraqurajava

    check this out