Xiaomi offers to replace ‘explosive’ Mi 4i, issues official statement

It must’ve been quite a frightening day at work for a user whose Mi 4i went kaput while being charged. The reason for the explosion of the phone is yet to be discerned, but Xiaomi have come out with an official statement regarding the incident. Watch the video and read about the entire incident here.

Besides, Xiaomi have also offered to replace the phone for the user. Here’s what Xiaomi had to say regarding the incident, which was caught of CCTV footage.

We take such matters seriously and we have already been investigating the matter. We have been in touch with the customer and will be getting his device this week to do further investigation. In the meantime, we have offered a replacement phone to the customer.

Manufacturers recommend sticking to included chargers and cables, which is a little disappointing because that kills the purpose of having a world standard.

Xiaomi Mi 4i Review

Xiaomi are already facing a bit of criticism for their below-par after-sales service, so it isn’t really surprising they’re offering to replace the phone. More on this matter as and when there’s an update.

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