620g Lenovo Project Tango phone arrives at TENAA!

lenovo project tango

Lenovo’s Project Tango smartphone has arrived in TENAA this week giving confirmation that the specialist handset will go on sale in China and other markets.

Project Tango, ran by Google and its partners, sees Android phones (and tablets we suppose) learn the environment that they are in via additional external sensor. The idea is that the phones learn their environment and can be used in a range of innovative new ways (some have suggest in architecture while gaming is another use of the technology).

So far the only Project Tango product that has been seen by the public is a Lenovo device, and now that Lenovo phone has just been sighted at TENAA, confirming a launch for the device in China.

lenovo project tango

The TENAA details confirm that the phone has 3 rear cameras (the main a 16 mega-pixel,and the others used for depth and motion tracking for the handset to create a 3D model of its environment).

lenovo project tango

TENAA also confirms the phone’s dimensions as 179.88 x 88.57 x 11.15mm and a staggering weight of 620g!

Upfront is a 6.4-inch 2K display, and 8 mega-pixel camera (bringing the total of camera to 4). The heavy weight phone also has a 4050mAh battery, Snapdragon 652 chipset, 4GB RAM, 64GB memory and runs Android 6.0.1.

Seeing the Lenovo Tango phone at TENAA at this stage would mean that the phone should be released in China in the coming weeks. Pricing is expected to be as staggering as the weight is!

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