Can you see some similarities between the UMI Max and iPhone devices?

Just yesterday we have learned about the way UMI are trying to explain the new UMI Max model name and popular characters like Hulk or Popeye got mentioned. Today we can go even further, because it seems like you can compare the UMI Max not just with the green monster or the spinach loving sailor, but also with the chinese holy grail, the Apple products.

So let’s get into it, UMI claim that the user feedback concerning UMI Max is a very positive one mainly thanks to the elegant design and the color choices of Gunmetal Gray and Bling Gold. And of course that the phone looks even better than the iPhone. Well seems like the users know what they are talking about…


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Also the build quality of the phone can be apparently easily comparable, because the surface of the Max is using the same anodizing system as the Apple devices. Same can be allegedy said about the materials, high quality aluminum, CNC processes, sandblasting or the engraving on the back panel. Everything is just so aesthetic and symmetrical. And of course even more symmetrical than the iPhone.


But the price is way lower than the Apple phones and currently the UMI Max is even offered in some presale offers with a 40 dollar discount. Or you can try your luck in a giveaway event here.

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  1. Muhammad Yasir
    August 11, 2016

    no need to compare with iphone.

    and im excited for umi max. i REALLY hope Andi or Yash review this phone !

    • Muhammad Yasir Snr
      August 12, 2016

      no need to compare it* with iphone
      i am*