JJRC’s H31 is a very affordable ‘waterproof’ drone

JJRC are quite a well-known quadcopter drone manufacturer from China. Their products usually cater to first-time and intermediate pilots. But the new JJRC H31 is quite an interesting aircraft.

Interesting, for it is said to be a ‘waterproof’ quadcopter drone. It doesn’t cost too much either, and can be had for under $30 (keep reading to know how). Let’s take a look at what it can do.

First, the few features that every new quadcopter from China has – headless mode, and one key return.

Besides that, the H31 comes with a 400mAh battery that gives it a flight time of around 8 minutes, and brushed motors that should make it easy for beginners to operate the drone.

For some reason, it also comes with a pair of sunglasses… which is rather interesting. Other parts in the box include an extra set of propellers (aka ‘props’), USB charging cable, prop guard, landing gear, screwdriver and user’s manual.

You can get one for $26.43 by using coupon code JJRCH31EU at checkout on TomTop.

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