Elephone S7 and Samsung S7 Edge back covers comparison video

Elephone S7 is about to be released during September so the company is stepping on the gas with the PR surrounding it. Today we have a video trying to compare the back cover of this phone with the Samsung S7 Edge.

There is surely some similarity, but Elephone still claim their design is unique and under different angle of light I can change colors. They are comparing it to the aurora effect. The back cover is made using the IMF technology, which should be the reason for the uniqueness.

So what exactly that means? It’s actually not the complicated, it’s a PVC shell with 15 composite materials layers. These layers consists for example of the color layers, several optical coatings, 3D lithography, optical glue and antireflex coating.

So check out the following comparison video and maybe you will see it too. As for the exact release date for the Elephone S7 we still have to wait for more info.

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