Remember the Elephone AnyCharger adapter? It’s back, and this time it’s real!

Elephone AnyCharger

Elephone had announced a few months back a gadget that I think deserved some attention. Sadly though, it was nowhere to be seen weeks after the announcement. Well, news is that the Elephone AnyCharger is back and hopefully it’ll be shipping this time!

If you hadn’t seen it the first time around, let me quickly remind you what it’s all about — the AnyCharger is basically an adapter that aims to clutter-free your desk. This means, it has outlets for multiple USB charging ports, and one for a laptop port.

While I do have my reservations about the efficiency of this gadget, I definitely don’t doubt the efficacy of it. The ports include a Qualcomm QC2.0 compliant port (5V/9V/12V/2A), two 5V/2A USB ports, and a 19.4V/4.74A port for laptop charging.

I’m not sure if I got it right, but it appears as thought the AnyCharger will come with a MacBook compatible cable to use with the laptop charging outlet. Check out some real photos below:

Elephone AnyCharger

This one does look interesting to me, and hopefully we’ll have a unit to review soon! That said, it does appear like Elephone’s gadget designer was running short on battery on his phone and had a power bank in his hands while making up the design for this. 😉

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