Meizu still trying to avoid patent payments, now being sued in U.S and Europe

Meizu’s continued ignorance of patents is still biting them on the rear with the company now seeing legal action against them in Europe!

For years Meizu used Samsung chipsets to avoid having to pay Qualcomm for patents, but as faster LTE networks took off and people wanted access to faster data connections a new plan was needed.

That new plan included ditching Samsung in favour of Mediatek and quietly, if not officially, release Meizu devices in various international markets. Obviously it didn’t take long for Qualcomm to catch on and they are now taking legal action against the Zhuhai phone maker.

Legal battles are taking place against Meizu in North America, France and Germany, areas where Meizu has “kind of officially” made their phones and products available.

Qualcomm state that Meizu hasn’t attempted to negotiate with them leading to this legal dispute. So far Meizu have been silent on the issue.

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