Is There Anything The Elephone S7 Can’t Do?

Elephone has once again graced our inbox with another video of the Elephone S7!

Every day this month (it seems) Elephone has sent us something about their Elephone S7 phone. So far this week we learned about the benchmarks of the Helio X20 phone, we’ve heard the phone has fast charging, and just yesterday, that the first 2 batches of S7’s are being shipped out to customers.

So what about today? Well, Elephone has sent over a video of the phone showing that it’s tougher that it might look. Being a rather glossy phone with a bezel-less design, some people have been worried that the new Elephone might be a little delicate, but does the above video put you at ease?

The video shows the phone fall from roughly 2 meters and suffer no ill effects. It is worth noting that the phone in the video has a case on it too which might have also helped to protect the handset.

If you’re not one of the current 140,000 pre-order customers of the phone, (or one of the 400,000 people who have shown interest in buying the device) you still have the chance to pre-order now in time for the next batch of launches.

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