MGCOOL’s Explorer 2 action camera glimpsed in a photo

Today,¬†an apparent leaked¬†photo¬†of¬†what¬†claimed¬†to¬†be¬†MGCOOL’s¬†next-genernation¬†Explorer¬†2 was glimpsed online. It was seen with a design and colours that had¬†a¬†mix¬†match¬†of¬†black¬†and¬†orange,¬†compact¬†body¬†design.

As we’ve seen in the past, MGCOOL are eyeing the GoPros and the Yis of the world with their upcoming release’s feature set.¬†Voice¬†control,¬†2″¬†touch¬†screen,¬†GPS¬†and¬†remote¬†control¬†are some features the Explorer 2 is expected to have. A highlight of the MGCOOL Explorer 2 remains the ability to record video at 30 fps in 4K.

The current sources suggest the MGCOOL Explorer 2 would take a great leap forward compared with the first generation both on the design and the function configuration.

These¬†are¬†just¬†leaks¬†however, and you’re definitely advised to take them with a grain (or more, suit your taste) of salt!¬†You should be able to know more about the gadget once it’s live on the official site.

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