Vernee reckon the Apollo is engineered after 300 machine processes!

Vernee have been a breath of fresh air on the smartphone scene. The company have made a couple really nice phones, the Apollo Lite and the Thor, both of which continue to do well. In fact, the Apollo Lite is still my ‘fallback’ phone!

It’s the last month of 2016 and the company seem ready to start sending out Apollo (minus the Lite). They’re saying it’s the world’s first ‘built for VR flagship’, and it’s also going to come with a VR headset in the box.

The Apollo features a design that’s a bit more generic than the Apollo Lite, but from photos it appears as though the Apollo is made out of much higher-grade metal than that used on the Lite. Vernee revealed in a press release today that the phone was engineered after a total of 300+ machine processes, which is a fair bit indeed!

The metal ratio on the phone (i.e., the ratio of volume metal to the total volume of all material) is almost 98%. While I’m not aware of how much it is on other phones, this sounds like a seriously high ratio — good or otherwise.

More about the phone can be learnt here, and you can purchase one for yourself this Christmas (for $249) here.

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