OnePlus get Emily Ratajkowski on board to explain Dash Charge

One of the finest features of the OnePlus 3 has been the Dash Charge feature. ‘A day’s power in half an hour’ is the tagline, and for the most part, it is true.

OnePlus are proud of the feature, and aren’t afraid to show it off. Dash Charge’s primary competition is from Qualcomm, i.e., the Quick Charge. OnePlus reckon that by not increasing the voltage (as much as the competition) and by increasing the amperage instead, Dash Charge achieves a higher degree of efficiency that comes as a result of lesser heat dissipation.

Anyway, if you didn’t quite understand how Dash Charge worked, this video should have enough attention-retention content in it to keep you engrossed.

You can also read our OnePlus 3 review here.

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