MGCOOL Cam 360 claims it can “take images that weren’t possible to...

MGCOOL Cam 360 claims it can “take images that weren’t possible to get before”


As we all know digital cameras are relatively new tech gadgets which have been consolidating in the last 20 years, before that taking pictures was definitely harder and more time consuming.

But evolution didn’t stop at digital cameras, as we’ve seen in the last years, cameras have evolved from taking simple 2D photos to the new 360 degrees images we’re now able to capture with cameras like the Samsung Gear 360, Ricoh Theta SC, MGCOOL Cam 360 and more.

Of the three, the cheapest alternative at the moment is the MGCOOL Cam 360 which costs $131, a good price considering that other cameras go for more than double its price.

The MGCOOL Cam 360 allows you to capture 360 degree images thanks to its dual 220 degree lens setup, the two images get then stitched together to create a VR photo. You can also do the same with videos at a resolution of 1920x960px. But note you need a smartphone to check what the camera is capturing as there’s no on-body display.

Here’re some photo samples straight from the MGCOOL Cam 360:

To know more about the MGCOOL Cam 360 or other MGCOOL products, check out their official website or Facebook page

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  • Mark

    The best this I found in this is its dual lens. Like in 2016 we saw the dual camera smartphone for the 1st time, and now i’m seeing the dual camera in one camera!!! Un believable man!

  • Alex Morgan

    I like the price tag you set for this device…I like 360 device’s…. Really looking forward to buy it…. Just waiting for other reviews….

  • Flavio

    The camera is really good, the quality/price ratio is really good and I think it could be useful for the one who want a good 360 camera at a low price

  • Steven Pearson

    Seems to be a good option for special occasions like holidays, parties and marriage ceremonies. it’s really an interesting thing indeed.