The Most Exciting Chinese Phone At CES Was ChangHong H2

The Most Exciting Chinese Phone At CES Was ChangHong H2


Lesser known Chinese phone maker is set to launch a phone with built-in molecular scanner!

CES allows the big guns to show off their newest smartphones, but it also gives the lesser known brands a time to shine alongside those household names, and perfect example of this is here with the Changhong H2.

For those of us who have lived in China Changhong IS a household name, but even there the company is best known for domestic appliances and especially their TVs, but the past few years has seen the company make more phone for interesting niche markets.

The ChangHong H2 is one very interesting phone! With a release date of around June this year, this is the first ever smartphone to have a built-in molecular scanner! Basically this is the first ever smartphone with Tricorder features!

For those of you who are not familiar with Star Trek what this means is that the H2 can be used to scanner materials to test what properties they have, how fresh they are and even the BMI of a person.

What this means is customers can scan fruit, vegetables or meat while shopping to see which is the most fresh. For doctors, it would allow the easy testing of certain medicines! This is very exciting stuff!

Changhong are set to launch the H2 in China at just under $500, at this time we’re not sure on the full specs but will bring updates once we know!

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  • Brooklyn701

    Interesting. Would really love to hear a lot more about this particular niche of this company. 🙂

    In general I would love to see more small brands here than advertisement from companies we know are often shady. One reason why this site isn’t as popular as it used to be is because it has given up on showing the crazy innovations that small Chinese companies do and how we in Europe can access them or buy these phones.

    Also regarding your shop, nice that you resell Xiaomi and so on, but why not really go innovative and offer us things like Green Orange phones or similar. That would be a real USP to most people outside Asia.

  • MitsosDaBest

    Looks cool! Chinese phones will rule the world in some years…

    P.S. I hope it will get updates. =P

  • inquirercet

    Can it scan for STDs? Hahaha…

  • Muhammad Yasir

    HOW legit is this ‘scanner’ ?!

  • Paul Sleight

    It’s life Jim, but not as we know it…..