Elephone eleCam Explorer S: A new 4K action camera on the way?

Elephone eleCam Explorer S

Elephone just released some information about the upcoming eleCam Explorer 6 action camera, a move that leaves me a bit puzzled as I thought the new MGCOOL sub-brand were going to cover that product line. But so it is, let’s find out what the camera is about then!

Elephone eleCam Explorer S

According to Elephone, the eleCam Explorer 6 will be able to shoot 4K videos, I assume at 30fps at least, and record footage at 120fps, which is quite good for slow motion videos (about x4 slower).

Other than that we can only see how it’ll look from the image they provided, it’ll have a white/greysh top band and an orange body which appears to be made of a very easy to hold plastic material. The design also reminds of the older eleCam Explorer, with the positioning of the power button and camera lens.

That’s everything we know as of now, does any of you guys get excited about new action cameras? Comment below if that’s so!

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