Upcoming Elephone Play X to sport a dual camera setup

Elephone Play X

Elephone have been talking a bit regarding the upcoming Elephone Play X, a phone that will follow the trend of this period and sport a dual camera setup to create better photos. Let’s see what it is about!

Elephone Play X

As many of this kind, the Elephone Play X features an ordinary camera (captures colors) accompanied by monochrome shooter to add some clarity and additional details to the image.

Both the normal and the monochrome cameras will have a resolution of 12.0MP, which is not bad compared to other smartphones that feature a second camera with much lower res.

The camera sensors on the Elephone Play X will work in tandem and allow to create a very shallow depth of field, similar to what more expensive dedicated cameras can shoot, putting the subject on focus and blurring the rest of the image.

Here are two camera samples that come directly from the Elephone Play X:

That’s as much as we know now, check out Elephone’s official website and Facebook page to know the latest. But before that, let us know, how much would you pay for a dual-camera phone like this?

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