ZTE CSX Project Hawkeye Crowdfunding Cancelled

It was rumoured that this might happen and now ZTE have finally confirmed they are pulling the plug on their crowdfunded smartphone project.

ZTE was hoping that taking customers opinions onboard and building a device that users were backing would be the way forward for the phone maker, but this wasn’t the case! ZTE’s CSX Project started last year, and gave phone fanatics their chance to spec out a smartphone with features that they wanted.

After all the votes and opinions were in, ZTE believed that the phone customers wanted was a device with eye-tracking features for gesture-less scrolling, but this obviously wasn’t the case.

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After releasing the first details of the eye tracking Hawk Eye, ZTE then went on to confirmed the specifications for the phone, but potential backers were put off by the mid range hardware on offer.

ZTE did try to appease fans by offering a better processor option, but by this time people had moved on and only $36,000 of the $500,000 Kickstarter funding was achieved. At the time of writing we don’t know if Hawkeye features will still be developed and implemented on production phones, all we do know is that anyone who ponied up the $200 Kickstarter fee will be refunded.

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