LG G6 not coming to China due to low demand?

LG G6 has already made a good impression to all of us who were lucky enough to see it up close and personal during this year’s Mobile World Congress. It’s a well built device with an awesome display and quite decent performance, that has already been available in S. Korea and several other countries. But what about China?

According to a recent report from a publication based in Korea, the specific model will not come officially in the Chinese market, due to low demand, judging from previous years! This report correlates with recent findings from Strategy Analytics showing thatĀ LG is struggling in China as its market share currently stands at less than 0.1%!

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Things are quite difficult for foreign manufacturers if they want to succeed in a large market like China’s, especially when they have to face fierce competition from domestic manufacturers likeĀ OPPO, Vivo, Huawei and Xiaomi. Their smartphones are exceptional in many ways, much more affordable so the challenge for any other manufacturer is really great.

Note that all of the above are not confirmed information, but rumors suggesting that LG will not launch the G6 officialy in China. After all LG’s chineseĀ website has no info about the LG G6 and if it plans to arrive at all. This might give us a hint…

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  1. Stef
    March 16, 2017

    May I ask why did this phone make good impression to many? I don’t get it.

    It’s clearly the weakest attempt from LG for years. Not nearly as bezeless as other phones (it’s body to screen ratio is around last year’s Note 7 levels). The screen is merely taller which means that despite being bigger it’s not necessarily so in a useful manner (may too tall?)

    It’s last year’s hardware, even the camera is hit or miss compared to last year’s. They actually removed the swappable batterywithout offering a much better battery life.

    The only clear plus to last year’s is water resistance and arguably looks. In the rest there may even be a regression. Are our standards so low now that we’re going to accept half hearted attempts such as G6 from now on?

    We should *cheer* if G6 won’t sell well well this year because it will teach a lesson to OEMs that they actually have to try harder, instead of repackaging old food.

    I would very much welcome if tech sites just stop cheering for this phone. China has much better phones, no wonder that there is no projected demand for this phone in China.

    • March 16, 2017

      I think it’s a pretty nice phone, I owned a G3 and didn’t upgrade to neither the G4 or G5, as neither of them felt like upgrades, but heck, I think you are belittling this device. It’s a major upgrade from exsisting G phones. I respect your opinion that there are better phones out there( in china especially) but trashing this one shows bias or simply dislike for LG. Ask anyone whose used an LG flagship and they’ll tell you how awesome they are. This is one good looking device and I think more people will agree with me on that.

      • Stef
        March 16, 2017

        How am I trashing LG given that I compare it with their own G5 mostly?

        When your new phone is not clearly better than the last one it’s not progress, it’s “milking”, and that should be punishable by customers.

        I can grant that it is good looking to some (many?) people, but really there is nothing else going on about this phone that differentiates it from G5 in a lasting way.

        In fact the ommision of a removable mechanism for the battery actually lowers this device in the eyes of power users too.

        There are better looking, higher spec’d, better for power users phones for less. There are not many differentiating features about this, and that’s just fact, it simply cannot easily outgrow G5 which you can find for half the money and that’s a problem.

        • March 17, 2017

          Well, I guess it’s all a matter of personal preference. But I still don’t understand why you claim it’s not an upgrade.. Bigger screen, better camera( suggested) slightly better performance, (not notable), water and dust resistance.. I mean that’s something, to me it’s more of an upgrade that Samsung S7 was from the S6, and no one complained, and about removable batteries, how often do you do it? Daily? If yes then don’t buy the G6. To me that is the only relevant feature that users( though I doubt anyone used it) will miss. But hey,, it’s all about personal preference.

          • Stef
            March 17, 2017

            Because the only reason to go into a new generation is to have notable differences than the last and if not all, most should be positive changes.

            Their move to a smaller selfie module actually produces a quite worse selfie cam, their move into a smaller back camera (in megapixels) creates one with less details. In all reviews I’ve seen the low light performance is not necessarily better than G5’s , but I admit it can become better through software updates. Thus far things don’t look good…

            Add to that using the same amount of ram and basically the same soc (3% performance increase, is not really a performance increase) and you’re getting dangerously close to where its price seems unjustifiable.

            Add to that the screen is actually taller but not wider, meaning that a lot of content made to fit the 16:9 aspect ratio actually would look the same. So the screen is bigger only some of the times…

            The ommision of the removable battery is merely the cherry on top but basically kills the reusability of the device after a 3 year period due to cell aging. Not to to talk that its pro uses (carrying a spare, instant top up) have gone the way of the dodo.

            That’s not preference. No matter what one’s preference is he *is* losing (or at least not gaining) in something key.

            By comparison the S6 to S7 followed the opposite route. 50% more usable ram, 30% faster SoC that also consumed less, 25% better battery, much better selfie cam, inclusion of micro SD card support.

            S7 seemed to get Samsung out of the slump that S6 put them in (and probably S8 would too). G6 does the opposite to almost anything.