Xiaomi Mi 6, now available with 9000 mAh battery. Anyone interested?

Well this isn’t for the faint hearted I guess! A TaoBao company specializes in transforming your Xiaomi Mi 6 from an average 3350 mAh flagship to a behemoth device equipped with 3 different new battery sizes – each with its own specific price! So if you’re ready to take the chance – and possibly void your warranty- you can go on and read the rest of this article.

xiaomi mi 6

According to the listing, the company takes apart the back of the phone and replaces the battery with a bigger one (from Sony according to the sellers) which is supposedly “much better” than the one it comes with. You can choose from three different capacities. There is a 6700mAh one for ¥220 (~$33), a 7000mAh version for ¥260 (~$38), and a 9000mAh variant for ¥340 ($50).

You will lose the back side of the device – since it will be replaced with a new one that has a bump for the extra battery size- but you will be able to enjoy more than 2-3 days of battery time – if all goes well.

What do you think? Would you go for such a radical choice?

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