LG to make its own Chipset, Trade-mark filing reveals

LG KROMAX processor

It appears a growing number of smartphones makers wish to break away from over-dependence on Qualcomm and MediaTek by making their own chips. Just a few days back, Xiaomi announced it Pincecone Surge S1 mobile chipset and it seems LG is about to follow suit.

Two separate recent trademarks filing made to the European Union Intellectual Property Office indicates LG mobile could be working on its own chipset probably to rival the recently announced Xiaomi Pinecone, Mediatek or even Qualcomm chipset.

Registered as “LG KROMAX processor” and “LG EPIK processor “and described as “Chips” and “Multiprocessor Chips there are no indications that these chipsets are intended for Smartphones. It has been speculated that both may be chipsets for IoT devices, but that may not be true if earlier reports that Intel was making LG-ARM chipset in their factories is anything to go by, if that is the case, then the current fillings might be connected.

LG is a worldwide brand that specializes in making a wide range of electronics, so it is quite possible the Kromax and Epik chips if not destined for Smartphones could end up powering anything from refrigerators to robots.

This isn’t LG’s first attempt at making chips, its first attempt was with NUCLUN, but ended up an epic failure as it only powered the Korea only LG G3 Screen handset.

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