Meizu and Mediatek will bring together a whole new Facial Recognition Technology

facial recognition

Meizu and Mediatek have been building a strong relationship over the years. With the Taiwanese chipset manufacturer being one of Meizu’s main investor, partnerships between both companies have been common since then.

According to a tweet, coming from Ard Boudeling Meizu’s head of global market, the two are working together to bring the best Facial recognition technology for smartphones. With a 2018 schedule, for actual demonstration.

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Face recognition is being a recurring feature over the years, Android have implemented it system-integrated through front camera’s use, a longe time ago. Although its less reliable to not say worse, than any other security way.

Apple highlighted it when the iPhone X was announced. The tenth-year edition of the iPhone have dropped the already established Fingerprint Sensor in favor of a whole new facial recognition sensor.

Although all the splendor that the US company have put around its Facial Recognition system, there are controversies. If you compare the Fingerprint Sensor practicality over matching all the conditions to get your face recognized, considering all the possible scenarios that could trick the sensor, it can be called a step back.

If this will be a trend in the next years, manufacturers will have to convince users of Facial Recognition advantages, over other privacy control methods. If Meizu and Mediatek are working along to bring a whole new face unlock, we expect it to come in the Meizu Pro 8, on the next year. And if this feature is definitely here to stay, we expect a lot of improvements on it in the near future.


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