iPhone X Plus With 6.46-inch Screen Shown

iPhone X Plus

The iPhone X is the most expensive model of the company and it’s been made as a 10th anniversary iPhone. With the launch of this model, the Cupertino-based company joined the marathon of the full-screen smartphones. No idea whether it will win the race or not, but one thing is clear – this is the craziest trend in the smartphone market currently. So there is every reason to expect more improvements concerning this technology/design. Seems we don’t have to wait much. Rumor has it Apple is going to launch the larger iPhone X next year. This is a good ground to come in with tons of assumptions and free our imagination. Benjamin Geskin already did it. He published a couple of photos showing how the upcoming iPhone X Plus will look.

As we know, the iPhone X has no physical buttons on the front. That’s why it comes with the same dimensions but with a larger screen of 5.85 inches. This simply means it looks more attractive and what’s more interesting it’s great for single-hand operations. But the most powerful smartphone around the globe is the iPhone 8 Plus. So this new design and technology should be brought to a larger body necessarily.

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iPhone X Plus

According to early rumors, the iPhone X Plus should come with almost the same dimensions as the iPhone 8 Plus does. But its screen is going to be at 6.46 inches. The photos provided by the author show the iPhone X 6.5-inch uses the same design as its predecessor but on a larger housing. At last, it looks a bit longer than the original iPhone 8 Plus and bit wider than the iPhone X.

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