Introducing Face ID on UMIDIGI S2 Pro


Unlike manually typed passwords, your face is unique—a simple fact that may make it an invaluable authenticator in the near future for everything from stock trading to video games, as biometrics become increasingly common (and powerful) in smartphones.   More and more smartphones now come equipped with facial recognition security, offering us a new way for us all to secure and unlock our smartphones. While not as widespread and not necessarily more secure than a fingerprint scanner, new biometric ideas like facial recognition seem to be the way forward.

UMIDIGI made sure to pack advanced facial recognition with iris scanning technology into their flagship model UMIDIGI S2 Pro. This technology is part of UMIDIGI S2 Pro’s security suite alongside a broader face recognition system and fingerprint options. Here is an official video introducing the Face ID tech on UMIDIGI S2 Pro.

UMIDIGI S2 Pro’s technology uses a different tactic than any other facial recognition-abled smartphones. It pays attention to the distortion that occurs as you move your face closer to the phone’s camera, and analyzes how the distortion in images taken when you want to get into, say, a social media app, compare to that in images already stored on the phone.UMIDIGI S2 Pro is powered by MediaTek’s octa-core Helio P25, ticking at 2.6 GHz,  LPDDR4X Dual-Channel 6GB Ram with 128GB Rom. There is no doubt that this smartphone is qualified to smoothly run all the necessary apps including the facial recognition ID system. With the help of sanforized 16MP front camera the phone will easily get and remember your facial features. When the smartphone makes a scan your face, the phone will gather more than 128 features from your face. Once you wake up the screen you are activating the facial recognition ID system and almost in the meantime it makes a comparison with existing facial data.

UMIDIGI S2 Pro’S iris scanning technology works by identifying the patterns in your irises. Just like fingerprints, these are unique to each person, making them very difficult to replicate. To do this, UMIDIGI S2 Pro’s latest flagships are equipped with an infrared diode that illuminates your eyes regardless of the surrounding lighting conditions. This light wavelength can’t be detected by a regular front facing cameras, so a special infrared narrow focus camera then captures the detailed iris information. This image is then stored and processed locally on device, nothing is send via the internet. Also it’s really convenient when you wear gloves and you can’t unlock it via Touch ID, Face ID comes real handy.

From Dec 12 to Dec 19 UMIDIGI S2 Pro now opens for presale on Banggood with a $40 discount. UMIDIGI fans now could purchase the newest flagship on Banggood for $299.99.


In the meantime, UMIDIGI Z  promotion with 46% off, costs 149.99$, phone case and screen protector for gifts. UMIDIGI C Note 2 is only for 129.99$, while UMIDIGI Plus E 179.99$ also with phone case and screen protector as gifts and UMIDIGI S with discount sells only for 159.99$.

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