Elephone S9 Shows Up in a Beautiful Red Tint

Elephone S9

Since the launch of the Red iPhone 7, pretty much every smartphone manufacturer is now producing a shiny red variant of their best selling device. Of course, Elephone won’t miss that opportunity neither and announces that the upcoming Elephone S9 will be available in guess what? A shiny red variant, obviously. Let’s have a closer look!

Elephone S9

We have to say that Elephone aren’t new to shiny red phones and the S9 won’t be their first device with this coloration. They have indeed recently launched the Elephone S8 in red after various months spent choosing the right red tone and materials to use for a good and shiny finish.

Apparently, all their R&D will now be used on the nearing Elephone S9, a smartphone that is said to pack quite some hardware already – AMOLED display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 CPU, NFC and wireless charging. You can check out the Red S9 prototype in the image above, beware that’s not finalized yet.

We have to admit that we love what we see; the red tint is on point and it looks really sleek with the blacked out dual camera setup. In the photo below we can also look at the front with the curved display and red outer frame.

Elephone S9

Elephone say they’re also putting lots of effort on the software side, so that the S9 comes out as a great all-around device.

If you can’t wait for the Elephone S9 to come out but still fancy a Red phone, then check out the Elephone S8 that is currently on sale over at Gearbest. Use coupon code ElepS8red to save some extra bucks!

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Bonus Video: Elephone S8 in Black, Red and Blue


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