Cheaper iPhone X Not To Cost Too Low

iPhone X

All products of Apple are overpriced. At least, they cost way more than most of its competitors. But seems the price policy of the Cupertino-based company doesn’t prevent it from selling myriads of units. When the iPhone X was launched, many were thinking the manufacturer will come with a cheaper iPhone X soon. So they could afford themselves to but it. But today, Guo Mianzao, a tech influencer who is known for its accurate analyzes and predictions, said the cheaper iPhone X won’t be priced lowly.

iPhone X

We have heard Apple is going to launch three new full-screen phones in 2018. Two of them will be equipped with OLED displays: the smaller of these will be the same size as the iPhone X, while the other will pack a 6.5-inch display. The third model will come with an LCD screen of 6.1 inches. Plus, it should be packed with a single camera. But whether these features will have an impact on the price tag is quite doubtful. The tech analyst brings a few points we should take into account.

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  1. It will come with a 6.1-inch LCD screen, while the regular iPhone X will come with an OLED screen. Thus the price difference should be around $30-40.
  2. Its memory is said to be 3GB, while the higher variant will come with a 3GB of RAM. So it will affect the pricing in a sum of $15.
  3. The back camera will be using a single camera. So its price should be less by $10.
  4. Seems the back is using metal, while the frame is made of cheap aluminum. The higher variant is said to come with a double-glass body and a stainless steel frame. The difference is $10.
  5. The new iPhone X is going to use more advanced logic circuit board and battery technology, while the cheaper variant won’t sport this feature.

So the author thinks, the difference between the prices of the new regular iPhone X and a cheaper version will be around $200.

We have written about the manufacturing cost of the iPhone X. It is $370. So the cheaper iPhone X will be $250. So if Apple wants to maintain the same gross margin of production, then the cheap iPhone X should be priced at $699 or higher, while the new iPhone X and iPhone X Plus prices will continue to maintain at $999 and $1099, respectively.

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