There is No Black Technology But GPU Turbo: Smartisan CEO

black technology

Recently, we have been hearing this or that smartphone maker launches a new black technology. Among them, we can mention the on-screen fingerprint identification used on a few models and the very scary technology of Huawei dubbed the GPU Turbo. Actually, this term is used to describe boosted feature of a product. In some sense, it mainly refers to software optimization. But this is not a must. Well, yesterday, the Hammer Technology CEO, Luo Yonghao that is known for his straightness was interviewed and talked about the term of Black Technology.

GPU Turbo

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Previously, the company run by Luo Yonghao announced they are going to launch a revolutionary handset. Actually, when the Smartisan Nut R1 was announced, we saw it was revolutionary for the company only. And probably, we can take into account the 1TB of storage, its higher version comes with. The rest of features found on the R1 are common. At least, they can be seen on other models available on the market.

In this regard, Luo Yonghao was asked: ‘The evolution of smartphones showcases the manufacturers are adding more ‘black technology’ to bring more cool features and experiences, such as fingerprint scanners under the screen, GPU acceleration technology, etc. So what has done Hammer Technology in ‘Black Tech’? Will the next generation of Smartisan phones show anything?’

However, Luo Yonghao said he doesn’t agree with the idea that other Chinese smartphone makers have brought to many black technologies to their phones. The only exception is Huawei with its GPU Turbo. According to the interviewer, they all are ‘solution integrators.’ Thus, those technologies used in the Chinese smartphones are not developed themselves. In this sense, Huawei still has a solid technical foundation. That’s why it can afford itself to make researches and come in with a Black Tech. Luo Yonghao also added that using this or that technology depends on the positioning of a product and the price it comes at. So many manufacturers are often afraid to use the technology earlier than others.

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