Xiaomi Yunmi Smart Washing Machine Released For 1399 Yuan ($205)

A washing machine is an indispensable household appliance in modern day life, and its availability can save us a lot of time. With the continuous improvement of technology, people’s requirements for washing machines are no longer limited to a single cleaning function. Today, Xiaomi launched the Yunmi smart washing machine for 1399 Yuan ($205) and this product will officially go on sale on August 28th.

The Xiaomi Yunmi smart washing machine is a drum type washing machine which better protects the clothes during washing. At the same time, it does not wrap the clothes fibers like the pulsator washing machine, which causes the clothes to be deformed. This washing machine has a large capacity of up to 8KG and with its 1200 rpm superpower, it solves the problem a major problem with the drum washing machine. The Xiaomi Yunmi Smart Washing Machine has a 40°C wash temperature which means that the water temperature is heated to 40°C before washing so that the molecular activity in the detergent is stronger and the clothes are washed smoothly.

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In order to meet different laundry needs, the Xiaomi Yunmi Smart Washing Machine comes with a 15 minutes ultra-fast washing mode and 32 minutes fast washing mode. While the former is active for clothes below 2kg, the latter can handle 3kg of clothes. Through these two quick-wash modes, the user can clean a small number of clothes in a short time thereby saving water and saving electricity. The Xiaomi Yunmi Smart washing machine adopts the CIM frequency conversion motor which can provide 1200 rpm power which ensures faster drying and it is completely noiseless. Furthermore, this product also supports a remote control function of the mobile APP. Users only need to launch the mobile APP to remotely control the smart washing machine and make appointments for laundry. After the washing machine completes the laundry task, it will also remind the user to dry in time through the APP.

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