Google’s Pixel 3 is Overheating and Shutting Down while Charging

Google really isn’t having a good time with their latest Pixel 3 series. After the critics for the massive notch and the price being too high at launch and the repair problem we heard about earlier today, the Pixel 3 is now apparently also overheating while charging.

Some users have indeed reported that their handsets are overheating and thus automatically shutting off as a consequence. The issue appears to happen when the Pixel 3 is being used and charged at the same time, this is somewhat normal to happen, but it usually doesn’t cause the smartphone to turn off.

The problem gets even worse when the user sits the phone on a wireless charger and does something as simple as watching a video; once again the phone will overheat and shut down.

Some weeks back, Google made clear that unapproved wireless chargers won’t work with the Pixel 3 series and we might know why now. Did they find out about the issue before launch and still released the phone anyway? Is that why they don’t want people to use more powerful chargers?

It’s really hard to tell, but we do suspect Google’s move has something to do with that.

What do you guys think? Should a premium phone such as the Pixel 3 have this many issues? Let us know down below!

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