SD card and SIM in a single chip. Could be the future!

SD card and SIM

Our devices are getting smaller and losing old obsolete technology fast. The headphone jack , an old analog piece of technology is soon set to vanish. The next big piece of analog tech we still use today is the SIM card. We have tried to make it smaller in the past few years. With the transition to micro then nano but manufacturers are trying to get rid of it entirely. The E-sim movement is the latest plan. The microSD card may not vanish soon so manufacturers are starting to think if sd card and sim can be put into a single chip.

Samsung was one of the few companies that provided a dual sim slot and a dedicated SD slot in its flagships for quite a while but they too have stopped recently. The most common these days are 3 choose 2 ,and that too if you are lucky. Some companies entirely omit storage support.

sd card and sim

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At the end of MWC 2019, IDEMIA presented FuZion. A SD card that also has the contact points of a SIM embedded into it. They managed to creatively combine both the chips.

There are actually lots of tutorials online where people cut out their SIM chips and stick it onto the SD card just like what the FuZion chip does. obviously the DIY method is risky and may cause problems like a permanently damaged SIM or a jammed SIM slot.

The FuZion card seems to be the right approach to the problem we have today. We are not nearly advance enough to instantly shift to E-SIM nor can we all buy/afford devices with high storage capacity.


FuZion was demonstrated as far back as 2017, but the company now claims its ready to produce in large quantities. At MWC it was showcased as a 128GB card with Vodafone network support on a Samsung note 9. Its said to launch soon in retail partnership stores of the manufacturer and service provider.

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