Huawei Band 3/3 Pro Leaked, Likely To Come on March 14

Huawei Band 3/3 Pro

Today, when using the Huawei Sports Health app, some users accidentally discovered that there are new smartbands added to the list, namely the Huawei Band 3/3 Pro. As you guess, their appearance and selling points are also disclosed.

Huawei Band 3/3 Pro

From the photos, we can see the overall design style of the Huawei Band 3/3 Pro adopts a Nordic style. The lines are soft, and the combination of dark black looks quite atmospheric. Of course, there will be other colors, but at this moment, we have no information.

The product’s main slogan is ‘Color Screen Health Smartband’, which suggests it will come with a color screen and offer various sports and health tracking options. We guess it won’s support on-band calls.

According to the official information, the Huawei Band 3/3 Pro is equipped with a color screen of AMOLED material, which can display weather, notification icons, time, date, day of the week, movement steps and other information. Compared with the black and white screens that are still used in many mainstream bracelets on the market, the Huawei Band 3 series adopts the same color AMOLED screen as the high-end smartphones, which can undoubtedly bring a wider field of vision.

Huawei Band 3/3 Pro

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In addition, the screen comes with a sharp curvature, combined with the arc of the bracelet itself. So it can more closely fit the wrist. We believe there will be many options for tracking running, Yoga, fitness, and swimming.

In terms of functions, the new bracelet supports real-time heart rate monitoring, scientific sleep, 50 meters waterproof, and swimming stroke recognition. The first three are common, but the stroke recognition is extremely rare. It is thought this feature will be exclusive for the Huawei Band 3 Pro version. This also means our protagonist will sport high-precision components such as six-axis sensors to detect whether you are in freestyle, breaststroke or butterfly, backstroke, and record swimming speed, distance, calories, etc.

Huawei Band 3/3 Pro

As for real-time heart rate monitoring and scientific sleep, it should inherit the consistent advantages of the Huawei Band family, such as the 301 Hospital Heart Health Research Program, a one-stop service for all-weather arrhythmia supported by high-performance heart rate sensors, and deep cooperation with Harvard Medical School. The scientific sleep monitoring, problem identification and improvement suggestions, and personalized services have been validated in clinical trials in the top three hospitals in China. Though it is not comparable to professional medical equipment, it is enough to provide intimate health services for ordinary users.

We guess, the Huawei Band 3/3 Pro will be launched along with Huawei Nova 4e on March 14.

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