Huawei Claims 6G Will Come Not Earlier Than 2030

Today, Boao Forum for Asia 2019 Annual Meeting was held in Boao, Hainan. Yang Chaobin, President of Huawei’s 5G product line, attended the ‘5G: IoT Achievements’ sub-forum and participated in the discussion. He said that although some people are talking about 6G, the arrival of the next-gen network will happen not earlier than 2030. Therefore, from now until 2030, it is the era of 5G.

Yang Chaobin believes that the industry has reached a certain consensus on what kind of capabilities the 5G network has achieved. Security is also a key issue for 5G in the standard-setting process. The next decade will be a decade of 5G in the mobile industry. Various people look at the 5G perspective not in the same way. So it is very important for all walks of life to participate in the formulation of 5G standards.

At present, the 5G standard is basically determined, and operators in various countries are investing a large amount of capital and technology into the commercial operation of 5G. The arrival of 5G will also accelerate the development of future 6G.

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Say, recently, we were talking about the preparation of the US for 6G research. The first steps are already done. The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has begun to prepare for 6G research and development and voted unanimously to open the “THz wave” frequency segment for 6G services. The frequency is in the range of 95 GHz (GHz) to 3 terahertz (THz) and will be open for use in 6G experiments. And though the US is doing its best to become the world’s first country to use 6G, no one know what will happen and how the mobile industry will change in the next decade.


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