Huge Business Opportunity Behind 5G+8K Huawei TV

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It’s rumored Huawei will enter the TV business, and plans to launch the first 5G TV as early as this year. Moreover, in addition to the 5G technology, the Huawei TV will also sport an 8K panel, which will exceed the current 4K high-resolution standard. Seems this is an ordinary rumor and we shouldn’t pay too much attention to it. But we are talking about Huawei. So let’s see whether to be just a short piece of news and will not receive much attention. But the huge business opportunities and pride behind it are definitely not to be underestimated.

Fight for the entrance

In recent years, Huawei has been developing rapidly. This is especially true for the consumer business. This manufacturer has been offering great smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Just recently, it also brought smart lights and smart speakers to the market. However, have not seen any Huawei TV yet.

Huawei TV

With the launch of the Huawei TV, this tech giant will enter the smart home market, and with the help of large screen products, it will be easier to occupy a huge space in this niche.

On the other hand, Huawei really needs the landing of smart living scenes to drive the demand for 5G communication base stations and networks.

General trend

In fact, not only Huawei but many smartphone manufacturers have also planned to enter the color TV market. For example, OPPO spent a lot of money on the acquisition of more than 20 patent portfolios of American audio giant Dolby Laboratories last year. According to analysis, this is to prepare for the development of high-quality audio-visual TV products in the future. VIVO should enter this niche as well. It’s said this company is currently researching the TV market. OnePlus technology CEO Liu Zuohu also revealed in Weibo that they will start from smart TV and join the IoT.

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Aiming at 5G

It is not difficult to see that the major manufacturers are not looking at the immediate profit, but the future market – 5G. Huawei is no exception. Although Huawei has a huge base for technological innovations, it still needs to drive the spread in the relevant application market. That’s why many believe Huawei is not simply doing TV for TV.

Huawei TV

8K complement

For this, we have to look back at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. Sony, Samsung, TCL, Skyworth and other TV makers have launched 8K TVs. It is not difficult to see that 8K high resolution has become a technology trend that TV manufacturers are optimistic about. Although 8K is far from mature in the industry chain of content and transmission, with the trend of large-screen and high-definition, the technical competition of TV manufacturers is concentrated in the 8K field.

Huawei TV

Traditional TV manufacturers have made the 8K layout action so obvious that Huawei naturally understands the huge potential of this.


Although Yu Chengdong had previously said that Huawei won’t make home appliances, in the face of the raging 5G era, Huawei must not miss any chance to compete for the market share. And 5G+8K is believed to be the main battlefield of Huawei.


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