Huawei uses promo images of its smartphones to reassure users about its future


Despite that the thorny issue of the US ban seems to be proceeding towards a profitable solution, there is no doubt that Huawei will come out of it ailing, not only from an economic point of view. It is in fact still difficult to quantify the damage immediately in the eyes of the users, but it cannot be said that the Chinese giant is not rolling up its sleeves to calm the fans, through a work of clarity and transparency.

After answering users’ questions and doubts about the problems they have been going through in recent weeks, in Germany Huawei would be on the verge of starting to use promotional images of its devices to clarify some essential points about its future:

  • All Android apps will continue to be usable, including the most famous
  • Android itself will continue to be available on all Huawei smartphones owned by users
  • Security updates will continue to arrive as usual
  • The 2-year warranty will continue to be guaranteed on all devices sold

The indiscretion comes from the well-known leakster Roland Quandt and soon these promo images with these captions could also arrive to other online stores and at major physical retailers.

It is worth to mention that a few days ago, the United States president, Donald Trump, announced at a press conference that he would allow US companies to continue selling products to Huawei. Trump said that Huawei’s products are very complex products produced in Silicon Valley in the United States. These American companies are great and will drive employment, so American companies are allowed to continue selling products to Huawei. In other words, Huawei’s ban has been lifted.

However, it seems that the decision is not welcome in the United States. Many Republican lawmakers expressed concern about the relaxation of Huawei’s ban. Some people even called the decision “catastrophic mistakes” and “big bangs.” The US President made a “supplementary explanation” on Twitter, saying that it would only lift the ban on Huawei’s products that did not affect national security.

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