China Unicom: Our 3G network is still active

Recently, some media reports claim that China Unicom is gradually shutting down its 2G and 3G signal services. A video report shows a customer that couldn’t access 3G mobile network. In response, China Unicom claims that this is because the user’s hand-based mechanism does not support China Unicom’s 3G system. To ensure the normal use of China Unicom’s 3G network, users should pay attention to the use of mobile phone terminals supporting China Unicom’s 3G system (WCDMA) and install the SIM card in the correct card slot.

China Unicom

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According to China Unicom, the 3G communication network has become a basic industry for national development. The 4G mobile communication network has full popularity and 5G licenses are now available. As for the 2G network, many operators have closed operation. China Unicom assists 2G users in upgrading to 3G and 4G networks from the following two aspects:

First, launch a free gift of experience traffic. Taking the Beijing area as an example, 4G experience traffic activities of up to 10GB/month are currently being carried out to dispel the concerns of 2G users regarding traffic usage, so that users can use 3G and 4G networks with peace of mind.

Second, carry out preferential purchase/change activities such as financial installment purchase and mobile phone direct drop, to minimize the threshold for 2G users to replace mobile phones. Unicom 2G users can choose WCDMA terminals and tariff packages.


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