Android delays Gmail message notifications – Find out why

Real-time information receipt is becoming an essential part of our lives. Nobody wants to receive a message notification several minutes or hours after the message was sent. These pieces of information may be time cautious and we may lose essentials due to such notification delay. However, there is a delay in the message push of Google Gmail on Android. This is obviously a sad thing for users who need to process emails. But why is there a delay?


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Recently, some Reddit users analyzed the phenomenon extensively and publicly. The Redditor searched the phone log to find out why the Gmail message push notification could not be seen immediately. Their research seems to indicate that the Android system “sees” the arrival of Gmail messages, but does not issue a notification.

It has been pointed out that the initiator of this problem may be “Doze”, which is a power-saving feature introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This can slow down or disable certain features in Android to prevent excessive battery consumption. 

Although, there is no 100% certainty that “Doze” is the problem. However, “Doze” seems to prevent the Android system from sending Gmail’s instant push notification. The notification delays until an event trigger the notification release. Such an event could be when the user lights up the screen. Presently, Google has been contacted for an official response. 

Thus, if you regularly work with emails and you need to process these emails in real-time, you may want to be careful with your expectations. This is of course with relations to Gmail message notification on Android.


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