Huawei may get another 6-month waiver export license

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The United States for the second time back in August granted Huawei another 90-day Temporary General License that allowed it to service existing networks and equipment and providing software updates and patches to Huawei handsets. That temporary license is due to expire on November 18, and as it stands, there appears to be no real deal between Washinton, and Beijing that may signal an end to Huawei’s ordeal.

That notwithstanding, sources with the White House say the Commerce Department might grant Huawei yet another Six months Waiver. The temporary license when granted will once again allow rural telecom firms to continue transactions with the Chinese firm. It may also come with a waiver that allows Huawei and Honor to push out software updates to its devices until around May 2020

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Do note that this will only be applicable to a series of Huawei, and Honor devices that Huawei devices that got Google’s certification before the US ban. So that, in essence, means the Mate 30, and of course, the Mate X will remain without essential Google services.

The U.S. Commerce Department since the Trump administration effected the ban on the Chinese firm has reportedly received over 130 applications from U.S. firms for licenses to sell goods to Chinese telecom Technologies maker, none of which have been granted till date. A number of US firms and Huawei partners have since cut ties with the Chinese firm.


President Donald Trump had earlier in August said he does not want more extensions. And that when the current one is over there will be no more. The US aside cutting ties with China.s Huawei has also pressured its allies, warning them of the dangers in doing business with the Chinese firms. The commerce Depart and even the Chinese firm has yet to verify whether or not the current extension when it lapses on 18 will further be extended.

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