Android will allow users to play games before fully downloading them


Gaming on the Android system is very popular and Google is doing everything to make it more friendly. According to a recent reportGoogle’s new file system allows you to play Android games before they are fully downloaded to Android. With the improvement of graphics performance, smartphones can also cope with intense games. We can play more games on Android phones, and the Android game market is still growing. 

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However, large games sometimes take some time to download. Also, it can be very annoying to download a large game and not like it. This new feature ensures that you can quickly test a new game or if you don’t have enough time to wait for the game to fully download. Google is developing a new file system, called an incremental file system, which will allow games to start before full download. 

We can read the definition of the new features in Google Docs on The incremental file system is “a dedicated Linux virtual file system that allows programs to be executed simultaneously while downloading its binary files and resource files via the network, USB, etc.” This means that when launching any large Android application, you only need to download some content for the game to start. 

We may have to wait for Android 12 for this feature

However, this new feature comes with a catch. There are certain important “must download” content for the game to load properly. If these contents are not part of the download, the application may not run smoothly or experience some pauses. Nevertheless, the important download data loads into hot blocks so this rarely happens. In many cases, after a few percentages of download, the app will run smoothly enough for testing. According to XDA developers, this feature may not appear on Android 11. It will most likely come with the Android 12 in 2021. What do you think of Google’s latest plans? 

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