Sony gives a hint on the price of PlayStation 5

Sony PS5

This year’s console battle is very interesting. Sony and Microsoft will certainly update their console product line. According to the latest media reports, Sony executives stated in a recent earnings conference call that the company is yet to decide on the price of the new PlayStation 5. However, it is currently making difficult choices because the cost of production is increasing as the performance increases. According to Sony, to sell for $399 is no longer realistic. This gives us the hint that the PlayStation 5 will certainly sell above $400.

Sony PS5

According to previous reports, the manufacturing cost of the Sony PS5 is already at $450. If we include the cost of promotion, research, and development, the total cost is approaching $500. Recall that the total cost of production of the PS4 is $ 381, thus it was easy to sell for $399. However, the possibility of selling the PS5 for $400 is absolutely low.

Sony executives also hinted that the launch of the new console should be at the end of the year. However, if the epidemic situation in China gets worse, there could be some unforeseen adjustments.

Sony PS5 is struggling with DRAM supply

Other reports claim that Sony has some real difficulties in securing the supply of DRAM and flash memory for the PS5. This difficulty means that the price will probably be spiking. Analysts believe that one of the downsides of the PS5 could be its price. Reports claim that the final price of the PS5 may be close to $470 and this has to do with the choice of components for the console.

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Sony will vigorously optimize the PS5’s cooling system, this is another feature that will spike the price. The new Sony PS5 will use AMD’s custom SoC. Its frequency will reach 3.2GHz, and the performance will be 4 times the original PS4. If the PlayStation 5 has a $450 – $500 price tag, will you buy this console? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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