Galaxy S20 Ultra drop test: the premium smartphone is so fragile

Galaxy S20 Ultra Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

A few days before its release in stores, CNET has subjected the Galaxy S20 Ultra to a series of 5 falls on the sidewalk in order to assess its resistance to everyday incidents. Pre-orders are still ongoing, so you still have time to make a decision based on the results of this test.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is the most powerful but also the most expensive of the new range of Samsung S20s. At $1,399, it’s normal to wonder about your ability to face the small challenges of everyday life, including accidental falls from your pants pocket when you have to run so as not to miss the bus. Well, you should already have a pocket large enough to accommodate the very large 6.9-inch screen.

Galaxy S20 Ultra drop test

As you have already seen, the glass covering the front and rear of the S20 Ultra is curved on four sides. Add to that a camera module that clearly pops out. Given that, you can quickly realize that the flagship of Samsung does not give the impression of being a durable phone. Here are the results of the drop test carried out by CNET.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is the only model in the range to be equipped with Gorilla Glass 6 on the front and back sides. The Galaxy S20 and S20+ only have Gorilla 5 on the back. It should also be noted that all models are delivered from the factory with a screen protection film, which CNET also left in place during the first part of the test.

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The first drop test was carried out at pants pocket height (around 1 meter ) with the screen facing the sky. For the second test, the height is kept but the screen now faces the ground. The third fall is at eye level (about 1.5 meters ) with the screen up. This third test was repeated 2 times. The S20 Ultra, therefore, suffered 5 falls. What are the results?

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is fragile, except for its camera module

At the first fall, the screen does not suffer any damage while the rear breaks. Several cracks appear and two corners of the device are completely exploded. The camera module is intact. On the second test, the screen falls to the ground, but it is the lower-left corner that takes the fall. The protective film was not enough to protect the flagship from the first scratches on the screen at the corner that took the shock.

For the third fall, the protective film has lost its usefulness, it was removed. At this time, the only intact part of the smartphone is its camera module. The screen continues to crack. Determined to put the camera module to the test, the journalist Vanessa Hand Orellana repeated the experience twice. The poor S20 Ultra is already broken everywhere except for the camera module. The camera is also still operational. To conclude, the camera module that many people thought was the main weakness of the smartphone turns out to be ultra-resistant.

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  1. Traveller88
    March 3, 2020

    Hi Abdullah. Thanks for the feedback.
    I’m in London.
    I have the S10 5G. It is in itself like my S9 fragile.
    In 25 years I have never chipped or broken a screen. Not once!
    The S9 and S10 really let me down.
    Can you help? Are there stronger casings for the S20 Ultra? I’m attracted to the phone. The cameras particularly.
    But if it cracks up from 1 meter WITH the Gorilla case am I left stuffed?

    Many thanks for raising this stuff.

    All Best


  2. Traveller88
    March 3, 2020

    Ps: What do you make of the new Blackberry? We are being upgraded this week.
    Just a few tinkles with the security side of the software. Usual stuff.