Honor 30S charging and endurance test – very impressive

For heavy smartphone users, strong battery life is an important demand for mobile phones. Unfortunately, there is no significant breakthrough in battery technology. At present, the only option we have is either improving the battery capacity or incorporating fast charging technology. A few days ago, Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, released the Honor 30S smartphone. Now, we have a review of the battery performance (including charging) of the Honor 30S.

Honor 30S

Honor 30S battery endurance test

Before we go to the details, just a quick reminder. The Honor 30S comes with a 4000 mAh capacity which supports 40W super-fast charging function. On paper, this should be great, however, let’s look at its applicability.

The smartphone had the following settings during the test

  • The initial battery life is 100%
  • Screen brightness is 50%
  • Volume (system, multimedia, notifications, headphones) 50%
  • Bluetooth and location services are active

Chinese media, ITHome, carried out the test by using this smartphone under certain conditions. Let’s see them below

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  • The browser of the phone was used for 15 minutes to browse web pages –  battery life remains at 100% (-0%)
  • Then, the next 15 minutes was spent on Weibo – the battery is still at 100% (-0%)
  • The next 15 minutes was spent on voice calls – the battery life drops to 98% (-2%)
  • Over the next 20 minutes, the phone was used to listen to “QQ Music” via a headphone over a WiFi network while the screen remained on. After this, the battery life dropped to 94% (-4%)
  • Then, the tester went a bit harder by playing “Peace Elite” with a Wi-Fi network for 30 minutes. The game’s picture quality was set to the highest. After this, the power dropped to 82% (-12%)
  • The next 45 minutes was used for an online video at 1080P. The battery life drops to 75% (-7%)
  • Over to WeChat for the next 20 minutes with a WiFi network. The battery life drops to 72% (-3%)
  • Then, browsing the ITHome app for 20 minutes over WiFi. The battery life drops to 68% (-4%)
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During the entire test process, there was a 3 minutes delay due to settings and other reasons. This means that the entire test took 183 minutes (3 hours 3 minutes). After the entire process, the Honor 30S is still at 68%. This is quite impressive. After about 3 hours of high-intensity testing, Honor 30S’s battery life is still relatively good.

Battery charging test

An important selling point of the Honor 30S is the 40W super-fast charging, so what is its charging speed? During the test, an ITHome editor emptied the power of the Honor 30S. He then charged the mobile phone from 0% to 100%. It took 57 minutes to get a full charge which was less than 1 hour. Below is a chart of the charging test.

Honor 30S battery

In summary, the performance of Honor 30S in terms of battery life and charging capacity is very satisfactory. The 40W fast-charge is even more impressive than what the paper says.

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  1. Νεκτάριος Ζόγκος
    April 9, 2020

    Very good. It lacks behind my mate 30 5G a little bit but it is very good. I made the excact same tests but with almost full brightness (auto under the sun) and with 4g instead of wifi for data. For game i used pubg. Even this the battery was 1-2% better and the charging is 5 minutes faster at mine.